New game play 'Territory War' introduction

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New game play 'Territory War' introduction

Postby admin » Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:39 am

Hello Territory

Hi All,
We are glad to introduce the new gameplay ‘Territory War’ from the client version 3.2.0
Which you could get it from: ... xt2fun.wog

New Changes:
  • New fleet route mechanism;
  • World Trend System;
  • New game mission system;
  • Shorten the construction time of ships and defenses;
  • Bookmark for coordinates could saved online now;
  • Only for Android and English version now;

How to play?

1. Your planet is born in a random low level system. Your fleets could always travel between the adjacent systems but could not across more than 2 systems if they are not the territories belong to you or your allies.
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2. Defeat the existing owner of the system to dominate a system as your territory by attacking the center of a system. Then your fleets get the rights to fly across that system. The systems belong to allies are also available for you to pass.
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3. You could move your planet freely among the controlled systems or low level systems with level less than 3.

4. The resource production of planet is getting higher and higher towards the center of the galaxy. If you have controlled the galaxy fortress in the center of the galaxy, you would get the taxed resources from all other players in the galaxy. That you are the real emperor of the whole galaxy.
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World Trend System
The world trend system defines the phases of the game process. Bonuses would be dispatched to the players when the specific phase finished.
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