Honor system introduction

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Honor system introduction

Postby admin » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:55 am

Hello Commanders,
We would like to introduce the new honor rank system which is coming in GC.

In the new honor system there would be three kinds of battle: glorious battle, shameful battle and neutral battle. You could see the battle property from the galaxy view.
galaxyview.jpg (77.25 KiB) Viewed 270300 times

Player would gain the positive honor points if he take a glorious battle and gain negative honor points if he take a shameful battle. So what’s is the glorious battle or shameful battle? Here we go:

Glorious Battle:
For a fight to be Glorious as attacker you need to fullfill one of the following:
Have less military points than the defender;
Have more military points than the defender but:
a. The defender’ military points is more than 50% of attacker‘s;
b. The defender is not more than 10 military points less than attacker’s
The defender is a bandit whose honor points is negative;
The target with above conditions is called honorable target.

Shameful Battle:
Shameful Targets are those who fullfill any of the following:
The defender’s military points is less than 50% of attacker’s;
The defender is more than 10 military points less than the attacker’s;

Neutral Battle:
Alliance members, and inactivties. => they are neutral, so you can neither gain nor lose HP from them.

Military Points
This considers the amount of resources contained within combat units, defensive structures and battle technologies.

Honor Points
To work out how many honor points you'll get from a battle use the following formula:
HP = (Units destroyed ^ 0.9) / 1000

Both rounded down to nearest whole number. 

So for example, if you destroyed 10 LF:
HP = (40,000 ^ 0.9) / 1000 = 13.86 = 13 HP

The attacker will earn HP for the defender's units he destroys.
The defender will earn HP for any of the attacker's units he destroys.

In the new rank system, there would be a top honor rank view.
rankview.jpg (72.79 KiB) Viewed 270300 times

bandit.jpg (8.4 KiB) Viewed 270300 times
indicate the player is a bandit with the negative honor points which is shown in red color.

good.jpg (8.52 KiB) Viewed 270300 times
indicate the player’s honor point is positive.

At the moment the only (dis)advantages with these are for the bandits, they can lose 100% of their resources in an attack, and all battles against them are honorable.
More advantages are planned for the future.

Resource Plunder:
When attacking different players, you can plunder varying amounts of resources.
Attacks that are neutral or not honorable give 50% resource plunder
Attacks against honorable targets give 75% resource plunder
Attacks against bandits give 100% resource plunder

P.S. We still keep the old rank system like top player and top alliance there.

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