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Game FAQ - En

Postby admin » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:22 am

Where should I ask for help?
Please email our support at

My friend is playing on another server. Can I move my account to the same server?
Sorry, you cannot move your account to another server, but you can create a new account on that server.

How do I play this game?
You can follow the tasks or ask your fellow players.

How does my Fleet, construction, or battles attribute to my score.
Your score is a combination of all these factors

How come I cannot complete some of the tasks?
All task must be completed on your first and main planet.

Why do i lose resources when I degrade my buildings?
It costs resources to degrade a building.

How come my exploration found so many resources but only brought back 10%?
If you did not send enough storage ships, you cannot bring back all the resources.

How does resource collection work?
Building mines on the natural resources allow you to collect the resources. As long as you have enough room in your storage and power to run the mines, resources collection is automatic

What is Dark Matter?
Dark Matter can be used to purchase resources and receive them immediately or to speed up your build processes without waiting. Dark Matter is available to purchase through the store

Can my main planet and my other planets share resources?
Resources cannot be shared, but you can transport resources from one planet to another

How could I finish the mission Debris Field?
Debris would be probably generated after a battle between normal players.Find the planet with sign which means there is debris, then send the recycle ship to recycle the debris.

How could I have the moon?
Moons are created when a debris field is large enough(at least 400000) to form together, the largest debris fields will yield a maximum 20 percent chance of creating a Moon.

It's said the technocrat would save 25% time for the research, why it's not the 25% of the whole research time?
For example: Your research time is 37 days, when you buy a 7 days technocrat, it could only take effect for 7 days but not the whole 37 days. So the saved time you got is not 37*25%, but the 0.25* 7day/ 0.75 = 2.3, When your technocrat time is more than 37 days, you would save 37*25%=9.25 days.

What's the glorious battle?
It's used in the honor system. Your could earn the positive honor points in glorious battle and could get 75% of target's resources at the most.

What's the neutral battle?
It's used in the honor system. You would neither gain nor lose honor points in neutral battle and could get 50% of target's resources at the most.

What's the shameful battle?
It's used in the honor system. You would get negative honor points in shameful battle. If your total honor points is negative then you are the bandit in the game, others could get 100% of your planet resources at the most.

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