Missile System introdution

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Missile System introdution

Postby admin » Wed May 10, 2017 8:14 am

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Nuclear Missiles
Nuclear missiles are launched to destroy enemy defenses. Defense destroyed by nuclear missiles will not be rebuilt automatically. In a missile attack, only the Nuclear Technology and the defense's hull plating are used for calculation. Before a missile can hit the defense itself, all interceptors must be destroyed. Each interceptor destroys one missile. Missiles can be used to destroy defenses on a moon and interceptors from the planet will defend the moon in those cases. The range (in number of systems) of a missile is determined by the Impulse Drive level.

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Interceptor are the only way to destroy attacking missiles. Each interceptor destroys one incoming Missile. Interceptor are launched automatically whenever an approaching Missile is detected. They do not take part in any attacks, thus they can not be sent on missions or destroyed by an attacking fleet.

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Nuclear Tech
The nuclear tech is the powerful tech when it used in the weapon development. The upgrade of the nuclear tech would increase the strength of the nuclear missile. Each level increase the missile strength by 10% of the base value.

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Missile Silo
A Missile Silo is a building that stores missiles and interceptors. For each level of the missile silo an extra 100 slots are made available. An interceptor occupies 1 slot, while a missile occupies twice slots. e.g. Missile Silo could store 40 interceptors or 20 interplanetary missiles (or any mix of the two).

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IPM mission
when you choose the target planet, you would find there is an IPM button which you could start your IPM mission to launch your nuclear mission to the enemy’s planet.

1. Could I cancel an IPM mission?
No, the IPM could not be cancelled when the missile launched yet.

2. Could the normal battle destroy the missile or interceptor?
No. The missiles and interceptor do not take part in any normal attacks.

3. Could I produce missiles or interceptors on moon?
No. But the interceptors on your main planet would defend the moon from the missile attack automatically.

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